Services can provide the following waterklerk services tot Ships and Ship Agents in the ARA (Amsterdam Rotterdam Antwerp) area;

  • Cash to master
  • Inward- and outward Clearing
  • Husbandry matters
  • Sewage disposal, waste oil disposal
  • Crewing hotel service
  • Fresh water service
  • Oil and Fuel service
  • Docters dentisits and other medical services
  • Crew changes
  • Tank Cleaning Assistance, guiding and advice in Tank cleaning worldwide
  • Guiding and assistance on board vessels during loading and discharging of all kind of chemicals and vegetable oils
  • Quality and Quantity control
  • Delivery of parcels and packages on board
  • Spare parts accommodation
  • Communication services such as internet on board, and visual communication between office and ship
  • Additional services

Competitive prices, waterklerk  Eszet ship service

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