Survey Department

Summary of skills of the survey department

Assistance, guiding and advice in Tank cleaning worldwide.

We are physically on board the vessels to advice and guide the ship’s staff and crew. We survey this process by visual inspection, and perform laboratory tests on board like: hydrocarbons, chlorides, permanganate time test (PTT test), acid color wash etc. These tests are mostly performed at sea, because the tank cleaning normally takes place at sea. Our job is to make sure the vessel is ready for loading the next cargo on arrival at loading port. This we do on behave of Ship owners, Charterers, Agencies.

Guiding and assistance on board vessels during loading and discharging of all kind of chemicals and vegetable oils.

We are 24 hrs on board a vessel to guide the discharge/loading process. During this process we are in contact with the Terminal and local cargo surveyors, where the discharge/loading takes place. To make sure this whole process is going as fast as possible to avoid any delay for the vessel. We confirm with all the parties that the parcel is discharged/loaded in the therefore ordered facility (barge, shore tanks etc.). So that the cargo will not damage during the operation by mixing and or contaminating different parcels. Also on behalf of Ship owners, Charterers, Agencies.

This whole operation includes also, ordering the bunkerbarge, freshwater etc.
As we are in close contact with several company’s in Rotterdam, we also can provide, equipment (like hoses). A sweeping, cleaning and/or provision crew.
A daily update is send to our principals during the whole operation. At the end of the operation a full stated report including all times, delay’s, measurements etc., will be handed over to our principals.

Quality check and Quantity control.

Sampling of all kinds of cargo, weight determination by gauging tanks or by draft survey, and inspection of storage tanks and cargo holds. To make sure that the quality and quantity is the same as per specifications at loading port. On behave of buyers, sellers and/or shippers of cargo.
Sampling of Chemicals, Ore and Derivates, Oils, Seeds, Nuts and Fats for laboratory analyses. Sampling of fresh water for determination of Legionella, E. Coli etc. etc.
Draft survey (weight determination) on barges in case of dry cargo, caustic soda, etc.
Bunker survey’s on board the vessel to protect owner, agent, and charterers.

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